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Activa Bio ACTIVE

bioactive products that mimic the physical and chemical properties of teeth.


ACTIVA™ Overview - Bioactive Materials

Bioactive materials that are strong, esthetic and long-lasting offer an alternative to traditional

composites, that are strong and esthetic but are passive and without bioactive potential

materials, and to glass ionomers, that are bioactive but have poor esthetics and undesirable

physical properties.


The development of bioactive materials is inspired by nature, where water is the source of life.

In the oral cavity, saliva is the life source and is rich with water, proteins and ionic components.


Saliva is a natural caries protection agent and contains the minerals that maintain the integrity of

the enamel surface. It helps maintain the health of hard and soft tissues, removes waste, and is

the first line of defense against microbial invasion.


The oral environment is exposed to continuous pH cycles, and saliva and tooth structure

participate in an endless cycle of mineral exchange. When the pH is low, the demineralization

process releases calcium and phosphate ions from the tooth surface. As the pH rises, these

ions are available to interact with fluoride ions in our saliva.

Bioactive materials imitate nature and participate in this dynamic ionic exchange. They are

water-based or contain zones or phases of water and continuously release and recharge 

their ionic components. They react to the changes in the oral environment to bring about 

advantageous changes in the properties of saliva and the materials themselves.


This is often referred to as “smart” behavior.