LSX 25mm

LightSpeedLSX non-tapered rotary NiTi files are the world's safest and most flexible endodontic instrument for patient treatment. Guided by a non-cutting, rounded pilot tip, the LSX flattened spade blade efficiently cuts dentin and glides down the canal with ease, aided by the extreme flexibility inherent in its non-tapered nature; cutting only where you need to cut and thoroughly clean and shape the apical third into a perfectly round preparation. Safety is also a key feature of the LSX system, and the instruments are designed to separate at the handle, instead of at the tip, when extreme force and torque are exerted onto them - greatly reducing the risk of irretrievable separation; if inordinate resistance is encountered in the canal, one of two things will most likely happen: 1) It will separate at the hub (as described above), leaving at least 18mm of instrument left to retrieve, or 2) The instrument will twist up on itself (this is called the LSX "Safe-Failure" feature). Flexibility, safety and accuracy - your priority and ours.              

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