Introducing the new lightspeed LSX instrumentation system is the only endodontic instrument designed to create canal preparations that are biologically optimal. Unlike tapered endodontic instruments which may cut indiscriminately, LSX instruments cut only where you need to cut, thoroughly cleaning the apical third without unnecessarily removing root structure coronally or in the mid-root, which can weaken the root. The lightspeed LSX system uses half the number of instruments making canal preparation fast and efficient.


1) Easy to read size markings each instrument is boldly marked with its iso size and color.

2) Built- in Safety Factor when extreme force and torque are exerted onto the instrument, it is designed to separate at the handle instead of at the tip, greatly reducing the risk of irretrievable separation. Fast, Safe, and Predictable The lightspeed LSX instrument system gives you excellent cutting efficiency and speed,

Yet provides a safety-factor like no other, resulting in a predictable root canal preparation.

3)Controlled Cutting in the Canal the patented LSX  blade design cuts only where you need to cut, allowing you to properly clean the apical area without over enlarging the coronal area of the canal which can compromise the integrity of the root.

4) Unparalleled Flexibility the LSX nickel titanium shaft delivers supreme flexibility and ultimate resiliency, allowing you to navigate even the most difficult curves without ledging or zipping.